Spokane Public Library

Courtney Dohnal
Account Executive
The kids area in the Spokane Public Library Central branch is a vibrant and colorful space that is designed to spark the imagination and creativity of young minds. With bright and playful colors, fun and whimsical décor, and a variety of engaging activities, it's the perfect place for children to explore, learn, and have fun. The area is filled with kid-sized seating, colorful interactive elements, and cozy reading spaces. There are also plenty of interactive learning stations, that encourage children to explore and discover the world around them.
Cozy and quiet spaces are nestled in between the stacks, designed for individuals who are looking for a comfortable place to work, study or simply read. The area features several laptop tables, with comfortable chairs that are ergonomically designed to provide a supportive and comfortable posture, ideal for longer periods of work. As you sit and work, you are surrounded by the library's extensive collection of books and resources, making it the perfect place for research or finding inspiration.
The Hive is a non-traditional a space that is unlike any other in library you've seen before. This unique space is centered around arts education and public events, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for the community to learn, grow and create. The Hive offers a diverse range of spaces for meetings and study space. The space is also home to the administrative offices for virtual learning and the Library's Artist in Residence program.